Keyword Research For A Website

What Is Keyword Research For A Website About?

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What Is Keyword Research For A Website About


What Is Keyword Research For A Website All About


When finding supernova Keywords for our site, what is Keyword Research for a website all about? Firstly, we need to use keyword phrases that help rank our sites on search engines like Google & Bing. Learn how to rank your website post and pages using 4 SEO metric methods to score top results within a Keyword Tool.


Are you looking for the best free Keyword research tool for finding low-competition and super targeted keywords for top website rankings? Then take a sneak peek at the keyword tool that beats the rest with its features and can’t be beaten for value, no joke.

Then look no further!

With Jaaxy, you will get 30 free searches for building profitable SEO Keyword Campaigns for 1st-page rankings.

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The Only 4 Metrics You’ll Ever Need!


The majority of website keyword research tools can often over complicate the job with the finding of keywords by using far to metrics – metrics that are totally unnecessary and confuse the heck out of you.

If you want #1 rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo just to name a few, you only need to understand 4 very basic metrics for generating traffic and building a profitable online business through keyword SEO.

Jaaxy is the tool you’ll ever need to get the job done for providing you with the only 4 metrics to create a successful website:


#1 Monthly Searches Done By Visitors


In order to bring search engine traffic to your website, it’s important to target traffic-generating keywords. The Jaaxy SEO keyword tool shows you the average monthly number of searches and the number of traffic you can potentially get for 1st-page rankings with Google.


#2 Quality Search Results (QSR)


The QSR indicates how many websites are competing for a particular keyword on any given search. In this instance, the lower number is always better as this gives you a far greater chance of landing a page 1 ranking.


#3 Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)


This indicator measures the quality of each and every keyword – shows you whether phrases are Good, Average, or Poor to use for building your content around.


#4 The Keyword SEO


This powerful SEO tool measures the competitiveness of a keyword term out of a score from (1-100) and determines the overall quality of the traffic.

The higher the number (as near to 100 as possible) means you will stand a much better chance of getting your content indexed on page 1.

I tend to go for an SEO rating of around 94. Getting scores in the high 80’s is okay but claiming scores of 94+ is much better…


With these 4 metrics in play plus the creation of high-quality website content, you’ll be able to get skyrocketing rankings that will equate to a hugely successful online Business.


Are you still sitting on the fence about Jaaxy?


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If you have any questions or thoughts on how to use Jaaxy, any of the metrics I’ve discussed or even how to do keyword research in general, we’d love to hear your comments below…

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