The Best Free WordPress Themes For Business

Free WordPress Website Templates For Business

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Free WordPress Website Templates For Business


Free Way How To Build WordPress Website Templates

Learn how to build WordPress Websites Templates without paying any money. Create and set up a free website in under 5 minutes with easy to follow instructions. The WordPress Platform is the most used templates in the World and this is easy to see why because of the ease and flexibility when using. There is no need to learn any computer coding as this is done for you and choosing from all the stunning themes is all that has to be done!

How To Build A Free WordPress Website

Building your very own WordPress Website has never been easier and only takes 5 minutes to create the site. A Free membership allows the member to build 2 free websites and this also comes with included in-house hosting. Creating a free website is a great way to kick-start your online career and earn some money whilst you are learning. There are not many online training companies that offer you free courses on website creation, instead, they normally start hitting the new members with upsells after completing a couple of stages. This can be very frustrating and is one of the biggest reasons why people "fail" with their online business!

Angry Dissatisfied lady
Free Website Building Tools At Wealthy Affiliate

Don't get mad, just get even! At Wealthy Affiliate, you can build your free website with no pressure or upsells, ever! Be assured that you can take your time building an online presence without it costing a dime. Have a look at this training course by Kyle (Co-Founder) about setting up a free website at Wealthy Affiliate.

The links above lead to friendly sites to offer you added information

Memberships Available At Wealthy Affiliate

Whilst the Free Membership is a very useful tool for first starting online, Wealthy Affiliate also offers a Premium Membership. Once you have gained more experience and feel comfortable with building your website, you might want to consider becoming a Premium Member.  As I said above, the Free Membership is yours and there's no pressure to upgrade. You can still make money with the free version, but if you're serious about Online Marketing, upgrading offers the tools to really get your online business flying!

What Does The Premium Membership Offer?

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership offers you tools and training found nowhere else on the net! They have in-house Domain Name Purchasing and Hosting for up to 50 WordPress Websites. To Compliment this they have 24/7 site support, ask questions platform, professional keyword tool, 24/7 help from over 800,000 members, and heaps of training videos to get you rolling.

If you hosted just one website with an online host that included every tool above it would cost around $30 a month. Imagine as you advanced and created 2, 3, 4 websites, this would quickly start adding up!

There are no upsells included with any training and tools offered with the premium membership.

Exclusive Only To The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

This fantastic website tool can only be found at Wealthy Affiliate! The exclusive high-speed website settings will allow you to achieve scores of around 98 for Mobile and 94 in the desktop. I have been Online Marketing for the past 3 Years and have always struggled with scores on the Google Page Speed Insights. I threw everything in the book at it this and the best scores I could obtain without the speed tool was 75 for Mobile and 80 for the desktop.

Check out the incredible scores I'm now achieving, below.

Google Page Speed Insights Score For Desktop
Unbelievable Desktop Score Off 91

Google Page Speed Insights For Mobile
Brilliant Score Of 98 For Mobile

Getting scores like this will enable us to outrank our competitors as Google has stated that "site page speed loading" is a major factor when ranking on the listings! Click here to read all about Wealthy Affiliate's Exclusive Site Speed Platform.

Free High-Speed Website & Training


In 2017 Wealthy Affiliate has made amazing leaps and bounds to continually update their services for you.
Here a just some of the updates that took place in 2018:

SiteSSL, Free SSL for ALL Websites (January)
Training, Completely Redesigned and Updated (March)
SiteBuilder – Brand New Website Builder (April)
Affiliate Course 2.0, Advanced Training (May)
SiteSpeed – Wealthy Affiliate Hosted Sites Are Now The Fastest In The World. EXCLUSIVE to Wealthy Affiliate (May)
Site Content Writing Platform (June)
Jaaxy 3.0, One Of The Best Keyword Tools On The Internet (July)
Reached Over 1.4 Members – (September)
SiteContent Images Platform – Over 1,000,000+ HD Images (October)
PageSpeed Insights – Analyze & Improve Your Website Speeds (October)
Plus even more features planned for 2019:
Where Do I Get My Free Training & Websites?
Join us today, it’s $0 (Free)

Online Programs Comparison Table

As you can see from the comparison Table opposite, Wealthy Affiliate includes a whole lot more with their memberships.

This a fairly typical overview of other Online Platforms that mostly rely on Upsells to make money.

Click the button above to start building your free website!

Exclusive Website Comment Placement Area!

Wealthy Affiliate boasts the only Comment Platform that you can actually get authentic comments onto your Website Posts. Trying to land a comment from busy visitors to our site pages is getting harder than ever. Google has informed us that quality content and engagement within our Posts and Pages will be a big ranking trigger! As comments add good content and engagement to our Website Posts, this is great news to gain a competitive edge over competing sites for Google Top Positions.

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate stands "tall" with all the Tools and Training that they offer. It's no wonder why other Online Platforms have to charge extra fees to gain access to different training levels. This alone may be the driving force to why Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.3 Million active members, Worldwide.

What People Like You Are Saying

Love the fact I can build and host websites that don’t cost me a fortune to keep going. This will save me a lot of money each month which is better spent on other things! There’s so much potential with Wealthy Affiliate that I’m finally getting excited about starting my online business.



I have always wanted to make a living at Home but was always a bit nervous of being scammed! I never imagined such a genuine and upfront platform as Wealthy Affiliate existed anywhere online. The people here are so helpful that I now feel I’m in the right place to make my dreams become a reality.

Website Testimonial


Just want to thank you for steering me to Wealthy Affiliate. Have 5 websites that I transferred over and love the high scores I’m achieving in Google Page Speed Console. This and what I’m learning here will surely help with my websites ranking as they weren’t doing that well!

Site testimonial 

Start Your Own Home Business Here!

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts Below...

Thank you for visiting, Free WordPress Website Templates For Business. Have any questions about your website loading speeds you would like answered? Would you like to build a free website on the net but not sure how to begin? Please leave your thoughts in the comment area below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your friend, Jeff 😃

10 thoughts on “Free WordPress Website Templates For Business

  1. I come across your website viewing Google Plus the other day. I always leave a comment on a fellow Wealthy Affiliate Members Site as they are such a wonderful bunch of people. You have done an awesome job of highlighting the core aspects of WA here, Jeff.

    I for one am a premium member. I knew nothing about how to start an online business, or even how to use WordPress. Fast forward, its now three years and I have 3 sites to be proud of.

    I highly encourage your readers to check out the free WA membership if they skeptical at first. Se what they offer and to decide from there. But, do at least try it, before you shut the door completely on this one.


    1. Hi there, Roopesh. It’s always nice to meet fellow Wealthy Affiliate Members. It amazes me that people are skeptical of legit programs online but they don’t hesitate when it comes to a “Get Rich Scheme.” It goes against all logic that you can make fast money with a magical APP that does all the work for you!

      If this was the case, we would all have 10 bedroom Mansions and live by the Sea. Like anything we undertake in Life that is worth the effort, rewards and self-gratification will follow… Starting an online business with a free WordPress Website is the first step to take in running a legit Home Internet Business. Awesome to hear you have 3 websites and wish you all the success from your efforts.

      Regards, Jeff.

  2. Its nice to see the word free. It’s always nice to be able to start something without money. I understand at some point a person may have to put a few dollars in their programs. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be that thing. It seems they have been around for a long time and this creates trust with me. I think the time is now to start making money online.

    How much does it cost per month for the premium membership and is there any other charges I have to pay to access tools?

    Can I cancel the paid membership without coping any penalty fees and does Wealthy Affiliate still withdraw money from my Bank Account after cancellation?

    Many thanks, Dale.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Dale. I have not come across any Marketing Programs Online that has a completely free membership that includes 2 WordPress Websites, Hosting, Speed Tool, and Comment Platform. Most charge you extra to access for website building and hosted sites. I know for a fact that the free High-Speed Page Loading Tool and the Comment Placement Area is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate. It just shows the power of W.A having over 1.3 Million Members to include these game-changing tools for free!

      Getting started with Online Marketing on other platforms that are supposed to be free will cost you extra money with hidden Upsells and extra fees. I don’t know how they can call their participating memberships as being “free” when they are really not… To my way of thinking, a Free Membership should be somewhere you can get a start with your Online Business and to test the waters to see if the program is worth paying for.

      We are heading towards an Online Frenzy with people purchasing goods online like never before. With the Worlds Population expanding by One Billion People in 9 Years, the time is now to build an Online Affiliate Business. Wealthy Affiliate has been helping folks make money on the Internet since 2005 so you are very good hands, Dale.

      I would suggest joining the free start first and build out your WordPress Website with the 10 Training Videos Provided. When you think it’s time to take your Internet Business to the next level, I will help you with the transition. The premium Membership cost $49 a month (Price of a cup of coffee per day) and includes a Professional Keyword Tool (Jaaxy) with heaps of Training Modules and Weekly Marketing Webinars. You can also choose from hundreds of WordPress Website Theme Templates that will really get your Online Business looking the part.

      You can cancel your membership at any time with no penalties being applied. Wealthy Affiliate does not continue to withdraw sums of money from your Bank Account after cancellation. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

      best regards, Jeff.

  3. Very helpful post. I can’t believe how easy it is to build a website now. Before I built my first website I was expecting to learn a bunch of code and other computer things. But, like you explained, you can now build a website in under 5 minutes by simply following a few steps. And anyone can do it at any level of expertise.

    I love WordPress, but I’ve never tried anything else so I don’t have anything to compare to. I just know WordPress is the most popular and most used around the world. Have you tried any other programs similar to WordPress?

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks for commenting, Weston. I have used the Wix Website Platform before where they use a drag and drop system. I love using WordPress because there’s far more options and Plugins available to make Life so much easier! probably explains why WordPress Website Templates for Business are the most used by far.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. This is great for me right now. A friend of mine and I are planning on making our very first website soon. We are trying to lay the groundwork for everything and find a theme for our site. We are using WordPress and look to use this article as a guide.

    I will be sure to follow up and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks, James.

    1. Hi there, James. Great to hear your friend and you are building a new website together and wish you guys all the success in the World. Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership where they have 10 Training Videos you can learn from without paying a dollar? They even teach you how to verify and get your site ranked with Google.

      Would love to hear how it’s all going down the track.

      best regards, Jeff.

  5. The integrated tools at Wealthy Affiliate sound really promising and I joined the free membership to have a look!. I do realize creating your own website is the most important thing that needs to be done in order to get your business running and the training is easy to follow. I also found the Community support here is also a big plus here with 24/7 chat which is quite practical for new members needing help with questions they have, especially at the beginning stages. I am tired of online courses offering a free entry only to bombard me with upsells later down the line! Really, really annoying!! Upscaling and high prices are the deciding factors for me in order to join an online course. Wealthy Affiliate seems to do all these things right and I’m looking forward to starting my online business.

    Thanks, John.

    1. You have to have a great looking website that loads quickly for users to be successful at Affiliate Marketing, John! I’m super glad you are finding the training easy to follow, this is the way it’s designed. A lot of online platforms make the training hard to follow and then charge you to receive help!

      I love the 24/7 chat rooms too. There’s a wealth of information there and I still find great Marketing Tips to use in my business. I’m a professional SEO Adviser and as a bonus for joining Wealthy Affiliate through me, I would like to give you some free tips to get your website ranked in Google when you’re ready.

      You can contact me here or on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best regards, Jeff.

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